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 Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc.

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Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc. Empty
PostSubject: Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc.   Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc. EmptyThu 4 Apr - 17:42:23

Hey guys, found this website today and thought I would share it with you all, there's some really good products on there which I plan to purchase in a couple of weeks when I can afford to lol.


Check out this one in particular SUPERBLAST. antioxidant.

Ingredients: Mixed Maqui, Pomegranate, Goji & CamuCamu superfruit powders.

WOW! this just in....the results from one of North America's specialist ORAC testing labs. (FYI: ORAC is the scale used to measure the total antioxidant level of a food)
SUPERBLAST: antioxidant tests at 6,000 ORAC units per GRAM, or twice your minimum daily requirement, so a teaspoon has 15,000 ORAC units - shazam!

Nutritional scientists are just beginning to understand what ancient cultures always knew - the constellation of nutrients and free-radical fighters in superfoods are not just super-delicious, but super-nutritious too!

Pollution is an unavoidable fact of life, and NO ONE is immune to it! Experts recommend at least 3000 ORAC per day to guard against oxidantive damage (or more if stressed & hey, who isnt stressed these days??)

Wholefood nutrient sources are considered preferable to popping a pill, so for your convenience, we've combined FOUR of the strongest known antioxidant superfruit powders all together to make it easy to boost your daily diet and 'blast' off the effects of this millenium's environmental influence.

Nutritional Benefits
MAQUI (aristotelia chilensis): Havent yet heard of it?? You will - this Patagonian Superfruit with a super deep purple colour and mild berry taste is native to Chile and regularly consumed by the Mapuche Indians. With an ORAC antioxidant score that's 3 times HIGHER than even Acai berry, it has the added punch of anthocyanins (like blueberries), polyphenols, antioxidant Vitamins A & C, iron, potassium and Omega-6. Our Maqui is raw, wild-harvested and freeze-dried (not spray-dried) for maximum nutrient preservation, and has NO fillers or sweeteners (eg. maltodextrin).


And Cacao Peruvian raw powder.



Cacao (pronounced ka-kow) beans are the seeds of an Amazonian fruiting tree and source of all chocolate and cocoa products. Pulverising our raw Nibs separates them into creamy Cacao Butter and beautiful rich, raw Cacao Powder. As the temperature is never allowed to exceed 40°C, the powder is considered a ‘raw' food with all heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants remaining intact, thereby maximising digestion and absorption. In fact, our powder has over 360% MORE antioxidants than regular cocoa !!
Nutritional Benefits

The Mexican Mayan kings drank up to 30 pure chocolate drinks a day to maintain their vigour and valued the bean so highly that it was used as money. Raw Cacao products are a source of beta-carotene, amino acids (protein), Omega-3 EFA's, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, sulphur, potassium, and one of the best food sources of muscle relaxing, stress relieving magnesium – now you know why women crave chocolate every month!

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Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc.   Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc. EmptyFri 5 Apr - 10:18:41

need me some KAKOW !! lol

I think Chemist warehouse sells it
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Great Website for Antioxidant superfoods/powders/etc.
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