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PostSubject: AMAZING SHAKE!!   Thu 7 Mar - 10:22:13

Guys, amazing shake below:

Makes you feel amazing throughout the day and has everything you need 5 x veg, 5 x fruit, omega3, Fibre etc etc, lists endless.

4 tbl spoons Greek Yogurt, (or a yogurt you can stomach, this is pretty bitter and sour)
about 200-250ml milk.
Hand full of blue berries, (frozen ones so it makes the drink cold)
Hand full of raspberries (frozen ones so it makes the drink cold)
two table spoons of honey

And these three things:




Trust me guys, Lisa and I have had this and this is my second day of having it, its AMAZING, makes you awake, feel good, you can concerntrate and it keeps your sugar cravings at bay.

Lisa lost 1.5KG over the last 2 days, I am not saying its because of this but ya never know...

Cheers cheers
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